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20 hours in the simulator / $999.99

This course is designed for those interested in pursuing their instrument rating.  The FAR Part 61.65(i) permits twenty hours of our aviation training device to be applied toward your 40 hour training requirement.  The airplane makes a bad classroom.  Learn the basics of instrument scan, cross-check, and interpretation in a quiet and effective environment.  Once you have the basics, gain competency in departure procedures, arrival procedures, precision approaches, non-precision approaches, missed approaches, and emergency procedures to better prepare you for your airplane instrument training.


Completed enrollment forms and pilot registration.  A copy of your private pilot certificate and medical and government issued ID to satisfy the Transportation Security Administration background check of candidate.


Client shall bring to training all pilot log books.  Other items (e.g. iPads, knee boards, flight computers) are welcome and will assist in simulating actual flight.  Trainer will provide a Frasca 242 simulator, and aeronautical charts.

Training Modules

  1. 1.Preflight Procedures

  2. 2.Air Traffic Control Clearances and Procedures

  3. 3.Flight by Reference to Instruments

  4. 4.Navigation Systems

  5. 5.Instrument Approach Procedures

  6. 6.Emergency Operations

  7. 7.Postflight Procedures

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